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Do you own two or more properties, and you cannot seem to dedicate the time to see to the daily functionalities of your properties? Efficient property recruitment is crucial to the profitability of your valuable belongings. Time and again, you will be tasked with the need to refurbish your property, tend to the utility needs of your tenants, collect rents and, in general, manage your properties.

Overcoming these challenges is congruent with how much revenue you’ll accrue from your properties. While you ponder on your next big property idea, your assets shouldn’t be allowed to feel the brunt of your inevitable negligence. It is for this reason we exist, who are we?

At Epoch Property Solutions, we provide property managers with the required creative to increase their revenue. We are a property recruitment agency with a one-stop solution for all property recruitment needs.

Unmatched sector knowledge
As one of the reputable property recruitment agencies in the UK, we have an unrivalled knowledge of both property and recruitment. This gives us the extra edge to serve our clients better. Also, our industry knowledge of property management business has made us understand that every candidate and client is unique, and this reflects in the solutions we proffer.
Candidates that perfectly fit your property needs
We can discern the staffing needs of your property by simply analysing your property intentions. With this, we’ll recommend the best hands that have been explicitly trained to suit your recruitment purposes. We understand that you’re in it for the profit as we take no pleasure in guesswork; we are always apt in our recommendations. Thus, at Epoch Property Solution, we take the guesswork out of the recruitment process.
Strict behavioural assessment
While we’ll do well to assess the qualifications of every candidate we recommend, we also take behavioural assessment seriously. This part of our services is crucial to property owners who are looking to hire in-house workers. Moreover, it takes top-notch recruitment expertise to discern the ethical characters you require to thrive in your property company.
Immediate solutions
At Epoch, we have a reputation for proffering immediate solutions to emergency recruitments. With our services, you can beat the time and focus on other aspects of your business. Also, you won’t want to spend time going through credentials as there are better hands you can outsource that to.
Undertake lesser risk in recruitment
Going all out to recruit candidates without conducting the necessary assessment may land your property business in serious jeopardy. However, with our expertise, there is a reduced risk of recruiting the wrong candidate. This is because we vet each candidate thoroughly enough to validate that he/she poses no risk whatsoever.
Save money
Our services are quite affordable compared to when you decide to recruit candidates on your own. This is because we have special resources at our disposal that help us to cut unnecessary recruitment costs while you may not. Likewise, you need a company that understands your business needs, and you can rest assured that comes first with us. We are a perfect solution as you can find a pool of qualified candidates on our website without having to go through the stress of posting ads as that will incur additional costs. Also, the cost of sifting through CVs and deciding salary structures can be quite hassling. All these challenges are the more reasons why you need a reputable property recruitment agency.

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